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This is a place for discussion, fanworks (whether it be icons, fanfiction, fanvideos, etc.) and all other things related to Frank Herbert’s Dune Saga and its subsequent adaptations.

Rules consist of ‘don’t be a jerk,’ and ‘I can add more rules if they become necessary.’

I'm [personal profile] fahrbotdrusilla, your mod. If you need anything, feel free to private message me.

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abomination, alec newman, alia, alia atreides, alia/duncan, arrakis, atreides, baron harkonnen, bene gesserit, bene tleilaxu, caladan, chani, chapterhouse, children of dune, choam, corrino, crysknife, david lynch, duke leto atreides, duncan, duncan idaho, dune, dune icons, dune messiah, emperor shaddam iv, farad'n corrino, farok, fedaykin, fermen, frank herbert, fremen, fremkit, gaius helen moiham, ghani, ghani/leto, ghanima, ghanima atreides, ghanima/leto ii, ghola, giedi prime, god emperor of dune, gom jabbar, graphics, gurney halleck, harkonnen, harq al'ada, hayt, heretics of dune, house atreides, house corrino, house harkonnen, hunter-seeker, hunters of dune, icons, imperial conditioning, irulan, irulan corrino, james mcavoy, jessica atreides, jessica brooks, jihad, kaitain, kevin anderson, kwisatz haderach, kyle maclachlan, lady jessica, leto, leto atreides ii, leto ii, leto/ghanima, melange, mentat, messiah, mini-series, muad'dib, naib, orange catholic bible, paul, paul atreides, paul of dune, paul/chani, reverend mother, sandworms, sapho, sardaukar, sardukar, sci-fi, science fiction, second moon, shai'halud, shai-hulud, sietch tabr, spacing guild, spice, stilgar, stillsuits, the dune saga, the golden path, the preacher, the spice, the spice must flow, thufir hawat, thumper, truthsayer, usul, vladimir harkonnen, water burden, water of life
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